Daily Prompt: Promises

often easier made than kept,
but when they are,
they’re magical.
I once promised my sister
I wouldn’t hurt myself
and though I’ve broken
it several times,
I promise her again
and again that I’m done.
the good thing?
I last longer each time,
my promises being fulfilled
for more days,
more nights –
and oh how brutal the
nights can be.
we all have our dark days,
and sometimes mine
block out the sun
all together.
but these promises keep
reminding me that
there’s beauty –
and magic –
in my life, and my sister
is counting on me to
pull through.
because she knows
I can, and I just
have to remind myself
of that every day.
so I made a promise to
myself, to keep
fighting and to stay
strong. and this promise
is one that I never
intend to break,
no matter the storm clouds
that block out my sun.

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